Applying for Green Card Visa

The individuals who wish to shift their base to the United States, needs legal permission to enter into the country. This legal permission is termed as ‘visa or green card visa’. The applicant who gets green card is granted with the legal permission to stay within the country permanently. Not only that, the applicant is also allowed to work and to exit if the situation demands so. In other words, the applicant can carry out a normal life like that of the US citizens.
However, to get such visa, you need to file a petition. Along with this, you also need to check whether you are eligible to apply for such visa or not.

Eligibility criteria for green card applicants:
This legal permission is only granted to a certain number of applicants whose applicant has been accepted by the USICS officer.

In the first category, applicants who have entered the country with legal permission and have not stayed beyond the duration mentioned in l-94 card are eligible to receive greed card visa. This l-94 form will be attached to your passport when you enter the country for the first time.
In the second category, applicants whose close relatives like spouse is already a US citizen can apply for such visa. In fact, these applicants can stay beyond the mentioned duration and can still apply for the visa.
Hence, the applicant needs to fulfill any one of the categories to apply for US green card visa.
Application procedure to follow:
There are basically two different methods to apply for green card visa. The first method is for those applicants who are already staying in the United States and has applied for the visa. The second method is for those applicants who are applying for a visa by staying outside United States.
The first method – if you are already staying within the country and applying for permanent residence, you need to apply for “adjustment of status”. For that, you need to collect the application form from USCIS office. Fill up the form and attached all the documents required for identity verification along with the form. After completion of this procedure you need to mail the document to the USCIS office. After a month, they will call you up for further verification.
The second method – when you are applying for the visa from outside the country, your petition need to be approved by the USCIS. After that, the NVC will transfer your case to the US embassy. This embassy will verify your details and will call you up for an interview. You might even undergo tests like providing fingerprint and other health examination. Once all the procedures get over, you will be granted with the legal permission.These are the overall procedure required to follow when you are applying for green card visa.


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